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Student Accomodation

We can offer you a large choice of student accommodation in London, from Zone 1 (Central London) to Zone 4 (suburbs) for when you want to study abroad with us.

We can reserve student accommodation for both short-term and long-term studies.

If you prefer to stay near the school we have that option for you, or if you prefer to stay a bit further from the centre we can offer you that option, too.

Our range of accommodation goes from basic to premium. There are different prices for different locations and available facilities.

Q: “Will you help me book student accommodation?”.

A: “Yes, we organise and book student accommodation in London for our students”.

Here is a brief description of the different types of student accommodation we have available.

Studen Accommodation

Student Residence

There are many student residences in London available for short-term and long-term stay. This is the best-value option and the best student accommodation that you can find in the city.

All the residences are very comfortable and have all the facilities you’ll need. There is a kitchen, private bathroom (shared if not in a single room), coin-operated laundry, 24 hour security staff, reception, gym, and Wi-Fi. You can book a single room with bathroom en-suite, a double room, or a quad room.

You’ll be able to relax in the communal areas, make new friends from all over the world, and practise your English with them. Many of the residences organize social activities during the weekend such as parties, karaoke, play station nights, etc. These are great opportunities to have fun and enjoy yourself, and still improve your English!

All the student residences are affordable and we can book any one for you from Zone 1 to Zone 4. All your bills are included in the fee. You can also add a few extra services such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Student Accommodation


London offers many homestay options for students who want to come to study but also want to have an in-depth experience of real British culture. Usually, it’s one of the cheapest accommodation options in London that you can find.

Our homestays are available from Zone 2 to Zone 5. You can choose between a single room or a twin room.

The homestay host provides breakfast, a packed-lunch and dinner in line with your request. In many of these houses you will have to share the bathroom and kitchen, and almost all of them will have Wi-Fi.

If you choose to stay in a homestay you have to be aware that you are going to be staying with a family and you must respect their habits and opinions. If you have very high standards, we would recommend staying in a student residence instead.

You may sometimes have the chance to eat dinner with your homestay family and talk in English about London life and culture.

All the bills (electricity, water, internet) are included in the homestay fee. With many homestays, you might also be able to add extra services such as lunch and dinner. Breakfast is always included in the price.

When you come to study English in London and you need accommodation for your stay, we can help you to find the best option!

We recommend booking in advance because there is always a high demand for rooms in London, especially during the summer.

Don’t worry about the time you will spend travelling, because it doesn’t matter whether you live near the school or a bit further out. London’s public transport is very quick and efficient and it won’t take you long to travel to school.

So give us a call and let us help you organise your London experience!

By Michele Orbolato

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