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Study English in London

Listen to what our friends said when they came to study English in London.

Our friends Paula Galindo (Pautips), Alice Salazar, Fabiola Melo and Yunus Dalgic are all famous Vloggers and Bloggers. They came to Avalon School to improve their English because they really understood the benefits of studying English in London.

Studying English abroad in a city like London means you’ll be able to improve your English quickly. You will have many chances to practise your conversation in English every day. At the same time you can meet new friends from all over the world and enjoy London life.

So let’s dive into their experiences!


Pautips is from Colombia and she’s one of the most famous Vloggers in the world, but especially in Latin America.

Paula studied at Avalon School from December 2016 to January 2017. She enjoyed the school  a lot and she stayed with our accommodation partners at The Stay Club, Camden.

Watch her video about her experience at Avalon School here: Intercambio En Londres

Paula came with her boyfriend and they really enjoyed studying in London. They also went to visit Paris. As you know, London is linked  to Paris by train and in 2 hours you can get to the centre of Paris.


Alice is from Brazil and she is very famous as a Vlogger and journalist.

Alice studied at Avalon School from May 2017 to August 2017. She decided to study English abroad because she thought that was the best way learn English well and improve quickly.

During her time with us, Alice got married to her partner Maikel. We were so happy for them! They were very glad for the opportunity to celebrate their wedding in our wonderful city.

Alice and Maikel stayed at the student residence The Curve in Aldgate East.

Enjoy watching Alice talk about her experience in London: MEU PRIMEIRO DIA DE AULA E O TESTE DE NÍVEL DE INGLÊS


Fabiola is a famous Brazilian Vlogger. Last September she came to learn English here at Avalon School.

Fabiola came with her husband Samuel, who is also a famous vlogger. They found their experience really useful and they quickly improved their conversation skills.

They stayed at The Stay Club, Camden , which is not far from the school. It takes just 10 minutes to get to school by the underground.

The best thing they liked about Avalon School was the atmosphere. They said that the teachers were really friendly and they were able to make a lot of new friends from all the world.

Watch them speak about their experience here: 5 COISAS QUE GOSTAMOS DE LONDRES

YANUS DALGIC is from Turkey.

Yanus is a famous Vlogger and Blogger in Turkey. He came to Avalon School to study English in London in January this year.

He said, ” I really enjoyed my lessons, your location, and this fantastic city”.

He also appreciated our system of teaching, Avalon Quantum English. He said it really helped him improve his listening, speaking, and pronunciation in English.

By the end of the course, he said he was much more confident in speaking English.


We hope you found these Vloggers interesting and we hope that they inspired you to come study English in London. We believe that studying in London is a unique experience that is impossible to get in other places.

Don’t hesitate to Contact Us if you need any help or want more information about our courses and accommodation. We’ll be very happy to help you and give you our tips and recommendations.

We’ll assist you during the whole process, from choosing the best course for you, to the best accommodation.

Avalon School London is very famous for helping students improve their English thanks to our unique system of teaching, Avalon Quantum English. By the end of the course you will feel more confident in your conversation in English.

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