Football as a Religion

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English football has its own lifestyle in UK. British people are massive fans of their teams and they love to spend time together while watching the match in a pub or a stadium. Five top Premier League football teams are based in London, so we also have a thriving football culture.


Football was born in England on October 26th 1863 when 12 men met in a gas-lit room at the Freemasons’ Tavern in Great Queen Street, London. Drawn from the upper middle classes of the capital, they had set themselves a historic task: to create England’s first national football association and to draw up a common code of rules for the game.


The first set of rules was written at Eton College in 1815. Subsequently, in 1948, the Cambridge Rules were created at Cambridge University, which influenced the development of the sport. The oldest football competition in the world is the English FA Cup, which was founded by C.W. Alcock. The original league format contained 12 clubs from central and northern England.


With this history, we can see why football is so important in England. We are the owners and Londoners are the founders. When match-day dawns, we can feel the atmosphere that something big is coming soon.


Some fans are so committed that they mark the match-days on their calendar, dedicating every single second to supporting and encouraging their teams. Many of them live only to support their local team. It’s almost as if, for these fans, football has become their religion!

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