What happens in our English speaking classes?

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English Speaking Class

Our English speaking classes allow you to quickly improve your conversation skills in English.

Many students from all over the world have the same problem: they are able to read and write in English but they are not able to speak English fluently.

Maybe you also have difficulty expressing yourself in English, and you feel frustrated when you try to talk to English people. Maybe you can’t understand everything that English speakers say because they speak too fast, or ‘swallow’ their words. It can also be very difficult to understand long sentences in English when the person is saying them very quickly.

Here at Avalon School, we have special English speaking classes to help you improve your communication skills.

Speakin English classesAvalon Quantum English (AQE) is a unique approach to learning which puts the student, you, at the centre. AQE is for all students who want to speak English confidently and naturally. This will help you to understand and feel comfortable in native English-speaking cultures. To help you do this, our classes focus on speaking and listening skills.

You will have two different speaking classes: one ‘revision’ class and one ‘new work’ class. In the new work class, we teach words or grammar for the first time. The teacher explains the language by writing it on the board, and getting the students to practise speaking it. All the time the teacher helps you by saying the words first and then getting you to repeat them. If you make a mistake, the teacher will help you say it correctly. You can ask the teacher any questions you want.

After the teacher is sure that all the students understand the language, the teacher then asks each student questions from our AQE book. If you have trouble answering, the teacher tells you the answer, and then you repeat it. All the time the teacher corrects you if you make a mistake. The whole class gets a lot of practice because the teacher asks all the students questions. The students also ask each other questions. By the end of the lesson you will be able to use the new language in your own questions and answers.

The revision class is usually a week after the new work class. The main aim of the revision class is to revise the language you learned the week before, and to practise it more. It’s very easy to forget what you learn after a few days, so the revision class helps you to remember, and to be able to use the English properly. The revision class is more about speaking fluently and naturally, and the teacher still helps you and corrects you if you make a mistake.

Listening practice is very important to be able to understand the language. Many students did a lot of listening exercises at school in their country. Yet when they come to London and hear first language English speakers, they don’t understand them at all!

Speaking English classes

All through our English Speaking classes we practise both speaking and listening skills. When the teacher asks you a question, you must answer using full sentences, and use the same words and grammar from the question. You don’t have to do this when talking outside the classroom, but in the classroom you need to do it. To answer the question like this means that have to listen very carefully to the teacher so that you can answer the question correctly. We also have different teachers for each of the two classes. This is so that you can practise listening to and understanding different English accents.

By the end of your English speaking course, you will feel much more confident and speak English more fluently.

Keep in mind that when you learn to speak a new language, it’s like going to the gym. You might understand the grammar very quickly, but learning to speak and pronounce new words means you have to practise moving your lips and tongue. If you go to the gym regularly, you will see improvements in your body. It’s the same with speaking a language.

Try to practise your English as much as possible. Watch movies in English, listen to songs in English, and have conversations in English. The secret is to follow these simple tips and use the language as much as you can. If you study with us in London, you will be able to use English every day.

If you want to improve your communication skills and feel more confident speaking English, come and join one of our English speaking classes. Just contact us.

By Michele Orbolato

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