How to avoid typical mistakes in English. Learn useful tips to improve your speaking Here at Avalon School we have students from many different countries who speak many different languages. We find that students make mistakes that are particular to their own language, and most students who speak that language all make the same mistakes. […]

London Music

London is one of the most beautiful, vibrant and creative cities in the world, so it’s impossible to feel that you’ve experienced everything London has to offer As Dr. Samuel  Johnson said,  ‘When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life’. Our city is the home of so many world famous musicians, […]

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Enjoy London! Have fun talking to people, discovering new cultures and making new friends. This is the best part of London life Studying abroad allows you not only to learn a new language but also to learn a new lifestyle! The experience of studying in London allows you to explore the city by visiting its […]

 Most think of Brits more as wine drinkers and not winemakers 1) Traditionally seen as struggling with an unhelpfully cold climate, the English and Welsh wine industry has recently been helped by warmer summers and global warming. So far the last few decades have been growing grapes even in England. In particular England started to […]

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As with every language, English speakers have a variety of expressions we use which can cause confusion to those learning. We’ve collected some of the staff at Avalon School’s favourites for you here. Try and use them next time you’re talking English!   Holiday blues       A type of sad mood that people get coming back […]

English football has its own lifestyle in UK. British people are massive fans of their teams and they love to spend time together while watching the match in a pub or a stadium. Five top Premier League football teams are based in London, so we also have a thriving football culture.   Football was born […]

Getting around London can seem a bit daunting to begin with but we have access to a whole host of fantastic public transport links! We’ve included them here with a guide on prices and how to buy tickets. 1. Oyster Cards One cannot say London transport without mentioning the Oyster card. It is a plastic […]

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