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What are the Trinity Graded Exams in Spoken English (GESE)?

Preparation for the Trinity GESE exams improves practical English communication skills – for  study, travel, work and visa application purposes or just for you! The GESE test is a face-to-face assessment of Speaking and Listening skills with a Trinity examiner.

What is Trinity College London?

Trinity College London is a well-known international exam board which has been providing assessments around the world since 1877. Trinity qualifications are designed to help students progress and over 850,000 candidates a year take exams in more than 60 countries!

What happens in the GESE exam?

You will do the Trinity GESE exam one-to-one with a Trinity examiner. You will have a conversation with the examiner and they will test your speaking ability. Don’t worry, they are very friendly and want you to help you pass! They will do their best to make you feel comfortable during the exam so that you can show them your best English. It will take between 5 and 25 minutes, depending on the grade. For example, Grade 2 is 6 minutes. Watch our student Suelma practising for the exam with her teacher.

Who is the exam for?

The exam is useful for anybody who wants or needs a certificate which proves their ability to speak English. For example, if you are applying for a job where verbal communication is important, this could be the exam for you.

People who apply for certain UK Visas need a certificate to prove that they can speak English. If you are applying for a visa you will need to take the exam at a SELT (Secure English Language Test) centre. The exam is exactly the same, the difference is more security checks.

How does the Avalon GESE course work?

The Trinity Exam Preparation Course is a speaking exam preparation course that is coordinated with our speaking AQE speaking classes.

GESE classes at Avalon are 2:30 – 3:20, Monday to Friday and are usually taken with AQE classes at 12:30-2:20 or 3:30-5:20.

In your lessons you will practise specific tasks you will need to pass the exam for your Grade. Each week the lessons focus on a particular topic, such as music or travel. You will learn the vocabulary for that topic, as well as important grammar. You will always get lots of speaking practice.

All of our teachers are experienced professionals and they will help you get the results you need.

Where can I take a Trinity GESE exam?

Avalon School is a Trinity Exam Centre and we run exam sessions here without Trinity examiners throughout the year.  If you want to take the exam for a visa application, you must take it at one of the 10 UK SELT Exam centres. Avalon School is just 10 minutes’ walk from the closest centre in Holborn and we can register you for the exam for you here at the school.

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Which grade do I need to take?

The GESE exam has 12 grades. As with all courses, when you arrive at Avalon, you will do a level test with a teacher who will find the class that is best for you. The AQE class levels are quite well-matched to GESE grades so AQE book 1 students would usually take Trinity GESE Grades 1 or 2. To get an idea of your AQE level, you can take out test online.

So, if you are looking to gain the internationally recognised Trinity Graded Exam in Spoken English, Avalon School London is for you.


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