Why is learning English at Avalon so good? It’s because our focus is not just on students knowing more English but being able to do more in English.


Our specially trained teachers are dedicated to realising your wish to speak English more clearly, naturally and with confidence as well as comprehend native speakers in media, music and daily life.

Avalon guarantees a learning experience unlike that which students experience in high school or university. Our AQE and additional General English classes are practical, proactive and centred around your needs.

Learning English at Avalon is fun, flexible and highly effective. Enrolling is easy and we can help you through the process in whatever language you require.

  • When you arrive you’ll be interviewed by one of the teaching staff to choose the right level for you.
  • Your AQE level will be based on your speaking and listening ability. You will also do an additional grammar and writing activity to ascertain your language awareness and help us recommend the appropriate General English or exam class. Students wishing to join an exam class may be asked to do a written entrance test.
  • Your progress will be measured and supported by regular AQE listening activities (L Checks) and speaking activities (Q Checks) which not only appraise your performance but also prepare you for future IELTS/Cambridge examinations.
  • When you finish your course you will receive a certificate stating the level you have achieved and an end of course report from your teachers recommending ways in which you can continue to improve.
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