Is there a greater city in the world than London? Well that’s for you to decide. Avalon is within walking distance of some of this city’s greatest attractions.


The school itself is located on Denmark Street, the music world’s legendary Tin Pan Alley, where everyone from David Bowie to the Rolling Stones has hung out and where musicians today still come to buy their instruments.

The British Museum and The National Gallery are minutes away and culture lovers will be rewarded as like nearly all museums and galleries in London they are free to enter.

London is also famed for its beautiful parks and riverside places. Many are just a short walk or bus ride away. Hop on the tube and you’ll find yourself in any one of London’s iconic villages with their markets and characteristic architecture like Camden and Notting Hill.

Check out our map and you’ll see how close we are to London’s greatest shopping streets and tourist destinations. There’s a secret London that our staff and students will want to share with you but London is for the explorers and it’s waiting for you.

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