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Avalon School of English Terms and Conditions

General Enrolment

1. Minimum age of enrolment is 18.

2. A student’s registration and enrolment for courses are an agreement to pay the full fees and finish the course. The application form must be signed to show acceptance of Avalon’s Terms and Conditions.

3. It is the student’s responsibility to book their course far enough in advance to meet any necessary visa requirements. Courses may sometimes be postponed when waiting for a visa to be issued if a request is made at least one week before the course start date. Delays over one month after the start date may result in a charge of £250.00 in administration fees.

4. Avalon School will provide the documentation required for students to apply for short-term study visas where applicable.

5. Documentation in support of study visa applications will only be provided upon receipt of full fees or a (non-refundable) deposit of £250.00.

6. All new students are required to take a level test on their first day at the School. Students cannot choose the level at which they study as this will be determined by the speaking test. Students will sometimes miss one or more of their lessons on their first day at school to complete the registration and these missed lessons are non-refundable.

7. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure they have the correct visa type and appropriate permission to be in the UK. Avalon School will ask to see your passport and visa on your first day at school and if we have not received them already, copies will be made and kept for our records. If students do not have the correct visa, courses will be terminated and fees will not be refunded.

8. Avalon School reserves the right to refuse to enrol any student if it is believed they do not comply with the Immigration Law of The United Kingdom.


9.Payment of all course fees or a non-refundable deposit of £250.00 must be received before a Certificate of Enrolment can be issued. All fees due to the school must be paid in full, before the course can start.

10. A bank transfer may take up to one week to reach the School’s account and Certificates of Enrolment can only be given after the funds or deposit have cleared into the School’s account.

11. A minimum of five working days must be allowed for clearance of cheques drawn on a UK bank. (Only UK cheques are accepted.) A fee of £30.00 will be charged if a UK bank cheque is not accepted. Payments by credit card carry a 3% surcharge. Online payments are for direct enrolments (non-agency) only.

cheque is not accepted. Payments by credit card carry a 3% surcharge. Online payments are for non-agency students only.

Refund Policy

12. No refund can be made to students once the course has started and no transfer of courses in whole or in part can be made. Fees are non-refundable in the case of late registration or the abandonment of a course. Avalon does not permit the transfer of credit from one student to another.

13. Cancellations must be made two weeks before the course start date. These will result in a charge of £250.00 in administration fees. The remaining balance will be refunded.

14. Cancellations made less than two weeks before course start date will result in a loss of £250.00 in administration fees and the first week’s course fee. The remaining balance will be refunded.

15. Refunds will only be given after the course start date in exceptional circumstances and requests should be made in writing to the Operations Manager.

16. Refunds may take up to 90 days to process.

17. Refunds will only be made to the student/agent who paid the fees. Avalon school will not pay refunded fees to third parties and only into accounts from which they were received.

18. Cancellations made due to visa refusal will result in a charge of £250.00 in administration fees. The student must give the School the original notice of refusal from the British Embassy or Consulate. No refund of tuition fees can be made until the school has received the refusal notice.

19. Bank charges and postal courier fees are non-refundable.

20. Students who submit false information on their visa application resulting in a refusal by UKVI will not be entitled to a refund on any fees they have paid.

21. No refunds will be given to any students who shorten their courses or reduce their number of lessons after their course has started. Students cannot shorten their courses and take additional lessons in replacement nor can they replace their classes with one to one lessons once they have enrolled on a course. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure their return date allows time to complete their course, especially where holidays taken have extended their end date.

22. If a student is dismissed for poor attendance or misconduct, no refund will be given.

23. We strongly recommend that students take out insurance to cover fees and costs in case of cancellation or leaving early.

Avalon DMS Ltd T/A Avalon School of English , Company No.08503058


24. All students must show their passport/ID on their first day and the school will retain a copy, as required by UKVI regulations.

25. Courses start on Mondays unless agreed otherwise in advance. Students will not be refunded for late arrival.

26. Students are encouraged to arrive for lessons on time. Late entry to the class is at the discretion of the teacher who may refuse entry to any student who is more than ten minutes late or is often late.

27. Course fees do not include course books, materials, travel expenses, social events where fees are charged or personal and health insurance.

28. A student agrees on submitting the enrolment form that Avalon School keeps their personal records on its computerised systems. (These will not be shared with any third party.) Should any circumstances change it is the student’s responsibility to tell Avalon School about all changes, in particular, of any changes of home address in the UK, as well as in their home country, changes to emergency telephone numbers and contact names and change of email address.

29. All students must book holidays at least one week in advance. The maximum authorised holiday permitted is dependent on the length of the course studied. Holidays cannot be taken at the end of the course. Holidays are only added to courses of 12 weeks or longer. Students are not obliged to take holidays but any not taken will affect their end date as stated in the enrolment letter.

30. Students may be required to take their holidays during the summer period or at pre-scheduled dates and may lose their holiday entitlement if they do not take their holiday when required to do so.

31. Students are expected to attend 100% of their course.

32. Students whose attendance falls below 80% for two consecutive weeks will be contacted and given a warning. If they fail to attend 100% the following week they will be given a second warning and asked to attend a tutorial with a senior member of staff. Disciplinary measures such as a signing in book or going on report may be put in place. If their attendance still fails to improve, they may be moved to a lower level class, permanently taken out of the class or excluded from the school.

33. Letters and certificates will not be issued to students who have not paid the full course fees, have attended less than 80% of their classes or have not reached the required level or failed to complete their course. Students requiring signed documents should request them five working days in advance.

34. Courses

35. The maximum number of students in an Avalon Quantum English class is twelve. For General English and Exam Preparation classes the maximum is fifteen.

36. General English classes are a single lesson (1 x 50 minutes) and Exam Preparation/AQE are double lessons (2 x 50 minutes). Students cannot study for one lesson in a double lesson class.

37. Students who want to take an examination course will also be required to take a written test and will not be permitted onto the course if they are not at the required level.

38. Change of class or time is strictly subject to availability. Although every effort is made to place students in classes at the time of their choice, students can only move if there is a space in the class and if the student is at the right level for the class. Study at a particular time is never guaranteed.

39. Students will be required to pay for examination fees in addition to course fees. A list of examination fees is available from reception. Examination fees depend on the type of course. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that examination fees are paid on time.

40. Avalon School reserves the right to cancel, move or merge any class where there is insufficient demand or any other justifiable reason to do so. For cancelled classes the School will offer an alternative class or lesson vouchers.

41. Complaints about the School’s courses or services should be made as soon as possible in order for the School to resolve it before the courses finishes. Please refer to the students’ handbook for the full complaints procedure. Complaint forms are available at reception.

42. Cancellation of one to one classes must be made at least 6 hours before the lesson or the prior working day. Students must notify the school by telephone, or fees will be forfeited and no refund or additional lessons will be offered.

43. Tolerance of and respect for other beliefs and cultures is required from all staff, students and visitors. In cases of inappropriate or offensive behaviour, Avalon School reserves the right to terminate courses without refund with immediate effect.


Force Majeure

44. In the event of ‘force majeure’ such as fire, flooding, infectious diseases, industrial action and other events outside the company’s reasonable control which may cause the closure of the school, no refund of fees will be made to students, except at the school’s discretion.



45. Students are advised that the School, its employees and its representatives are not responsible for personal injury and / or loss of / damage to personal property on the School’s premises or when students are attending School social events.

46. The School is not responsible for the safe keeping or delivery of any post, parcels etc. sent to the students at the School’s address.

47. The School is not responsible for the safekeeping of exam results or certificates.

48. Students may from time to time be photographed, the photographs of which may be used in the School’s promotional / publicity material. The School will obtain permission from the student before taking photographs and the student has the right not to be photographed. The School reserves the right to all photographs and the use of these photographs in promotional material where permission has been granted for their use. The copyright to all photographs shall belong to the School.

49. It is the policy of the School not to divulge any personal details of students to a third party, other than to the appropriate authorities, without permission from the student.

50. In all cases the decision of the Managing Director of Avalon School will be final and binding.

These Terms are governed by the law of England and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England.


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